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A word to my international visitors

Hello out there,

I just happened to notice that the number of international visitors increased even more after the last time. Maybe it’s just my friends visiting my page from their vacation spots although  I ‘m not aware that anyone travelled to Indonesia recently…  Anyway, it seems that there are some people from Europe, America, Asia and even South Africa visiting me by random and because of that I would like to welcome each one of you very cordially and thank you for stumbling over my small place on the web. I apologize that everything is written in german but maybe I’ll be able to get rid of that laziness and start writing at least a few posts in english. I am working on making this place a little more than just a report about my travelling in Mexico and my personal thoughts on different stuff that’s going on so I would be more than happy if you took the time to pass by another time in the future.

Thanks for reading,


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